Pathway to your Ambition
Pathway to your Ambition

Amar Manchanda
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Amar Manchanda during ICEF 2017, Dubai

The ICEF Dubai Workshop is the region’s leading event for networking with student recruitment agents from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. There is no other event that can match ICEF Dubai in terms of size, scope, and most importantly quality.

In 2017, the Dubai Workshop hosted 421 participants from 301 organisations in 44 countries around the world. Of these participants, 202 were carefully screened and selected agents from 26 countries in the region.



Amar Manchanda with PM Bill , Alastair Bell and John Key


Amar Manchanda with NZ,|Prime Minister| Rt Hon Bill English and |Former Prime Minister| Rt Hon Jon Key


The Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop 2017 was held at Cairns, Australia. Each year ANZA attracts hundreds of educators, work & travel organisations, industry service providers, and international agents (buyers) who send many thousands of students and youth travelers to the region annually.

Both New Zealand and Australia offer world-class education, travel and lifestyle opportunities at competitive price points, making them highly attractive destinations for students and youth travellers from across the globe.

The ANZA Workshop is the most efficient and cost-effective way to personally meet a large number of high-quality agents committed to sending students and youth travellers to New Zealand and Australia.



The ICEF Beijing Workshop is the largest agent networking event of its kind in Asia. China remains the leading supplier of international students in the world, making this a must-attend event for all education institutions wanting to build relationships in China and greater Asia.

The ICEF Beijing Workshop attracts the best international educators and service providers connecting them with quality, ICEF-screened Asian agents. In 2016, the workshop hosted a total of 419 participants and enabled 122 education institutions from 21 countries to hold more than 3 621 pre-scheduled meetings with 199 agents from 12 countries throughout Asia.




Amar Manchanda being honored at Gurudwara Sri Dasmesh Darba, Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland